Double Your Traffic & Create Multiple Passive Income Streams Thanks To Free YouTube Marketing

Gabriel Both, author of “How To Make $100,000 Per Year Thanks To YouTube” shares his insider YouTube experience and knowledge after having gone from struggling and stuck in a 9-5 job to being able to fire his boss and travel the world, living life on his own terms thanks to the power of YouTube marketing.

After interviewing over nine YouTubers who have earned up to and over 6-figures on YouTube, he started applying the secrets they shared with him and was soon able to rank his videos on the first page of YouTube, which brought him tens of thousands of views a month, and thousands of dollars in sales.

During this event, he revealed what it really takes to be successful on YouTube and how you too can double your traffic and start creating multiple streams of passive income thanks to the power of videos.


Price: $297

Limited Time Price: $97

Who this event is for:

  • Entrepreneurs, Solopreneurs and Business Owners who want to get more exposure online and double their traffic for free
  • YouTubers who want to get more views, subscribers and monetise their YouTube channel more effectively
  • Business opportunity seekers who want to start making money online and create multiple streams of passive income

This event is NOT:

  • A “Get Rich Quick” Solution
  • An Instant “Click of a Button” Overnight Money Making Method
  • For Lazy People Who Aren't Willing To Put In The Effort To Apply the Information

What you'll get in these recordings:

  • Over 5 hours of value-packed content that will help you to master YouTube marketing & much more.
  • All of the modules listed below:

Mini-Course Content

Modules Status

1 – Introduction


2 - Powerful Tips Nine YouTubers Shared With Me


3 - Top Reasons Why You Should Be on YouTube Today


4 - The Top YouTube Myths That Stop People From Getting Started


5 - The 3 Things You Must Do Before You Start Your Channel


6 - How To Set Up Your YouTube Channel


7 – How To Effectively Define and Target a Profitable Market


8 - Types of YouTube Channels & Pros and Cons of Each


9 – How To Get Inside The Minds’ of Your Audience & Know Exactly What They Want


10 – The Secret YouTube Ranking Factors That Will Give You an Advantage Over Your Competitors


11 – Types of Videos You Can Create & The Pros & Cons of Each


12 – Effective Ways To Overcome Your Camera Shyness Now!


13 – Three Main Reasons People Go On YouTube and How To Make Your Content Super Engaging


14 – The Fastest Way To Grow Your Channel Especially When Just Starting Out


15 – How To Start Making Money On YouTube Today Without a Website or Product


16 – Twelve Ways To Monetise Your YouTube Channel Without Having To Get Millions of Views or Subscribers


17 – How To Create Viral Video Headlines That Have Been Proven To Work Before


18 – The Most Effective Way To Structure Your Videos For Maximum Interaction


19 – How To Optimise Your Videos For Maximum Free Views – Tools, Methods & Strategies


20 – How To Create Eye-Grabbing & Attention-Getting Thumbnails That Get Your Videos Viewed Over Your Competitors


21 – How To Create a Video Course & Turn It Into Multiple Passive Income Streams


22 – Next Steps & One Time Insane Offer You’ll Never Want To Miss