If you're looking for additional guidance or simply want more in-depth training about YouTube and video marketing, then our coaching programs give you a more tailored solution.

Who Coaching Is For

Coaching is not for everyone. I am very selective on the types of coaching clients I take on and look for specific things when deciding on whether you are the right fit or not. You must be coachable, meaning willing to come with an open mind and follow my recommendations.

You must be the type of person who is willing to put in the effort to make changes and apply the information and guidance I share with you, until you reach success.

It's not a guaranteed, get-rich-quick process. Actually, the truth is, it's far from it. Too many people think that making money online requires no effort, which is a complete lie. Those so-called experts who say they are making hundreds or thousands of dollars a day with a click of a button had to put in a lot of time and effort beforehand to set up the systems and understand how to make them work through gradual and systematic testing over time.

It doesn't matter if you're starting from scratch or already have a YouTube channel or business. What matters to me is your attitude and work ethic. I don't do this for the money - I do this to help you create real results, and that requires work from your side.

So if you think you've got the right attitude, then read on...

Types of Coaching We Offer

There are two types of coaching I offer. Group coaching and 1-on-1 coaching.

Group coaching

Group coaching is geared towards students who want more guidance than my video courses provide, but want an affordable way to get time with me. Group coaching is limited to up to 6 students at a time per group, so I can give you the proper amount of time and support.

1-on-1 Coaching 

1-on-1 coaching is for students who want time with me exclusively and need additional support. This is the most effective type of coaching if you want the best results.

How the Coaching Programs Work

Each type of coaching works slightly differently, so I'll outline them separately below:

Group coaching happens once a week over a 3-month period over the Zoom video conferencing software. The day and times of the 1.5 hour call will be determined based on the majority of availability of the students. Each group coaching session wiIl be recorded so if you are unable to attend one, you will have access to the content that was covered during that session.

We will cover a specific set of topics in a structured format where you'll learn about important aspects of YouTube and Video marketing. You will get specific homework exercises and tasks to apply during that week.

There will also be an additional 30-minute Q&A call every week that you can attend if you need more help. These will also be recorded and available for access.

1-on-1 coaching  is more flexible where you get a set number of sessions over a 3-month period that you can use as and when you need. You will get 12 x 1 hour 1-on-1 sessions that will be hosted over Skype or Zoom on a day/time that we schedule in advance.

All coaching sessions will be recorded as well for you to access at a later date. Any notes I write during the session I will send across to you in PDF format.

The topics we cover during these sessions will be tailored to your goals and needs, often focusing on challenges you face during your YouTube setup or video marketing. Whatever is needed to move you forward.

How Do I Get Started?

If you think coaching is right for you, or you're not quite sure yet, then either way, we'll need to schedule a 15 minute call over the phone or via Skype or Zoom to see if we are a good fit. After the call, if I feel we can work together, then I will send you a proposal which you can review. Once you're happy with it and ready to move ahead, we can get started.

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