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Video Traffic Insider was initially founded in December 2016 by Gabriel Both, the creator of the platform and brand.


I'm Canadian, and after doing 5 years of a Computer Science Degree at Acadia University, I moved to London, UK literally 3 days after I graduated because I thought I had found the love of my life... actually, funny story was that she found me on Facebook because of my blog posts I was publishing regularly on my personal blog. Crazy, right? The power of marketing!

Well, long story short, after 2 years of struggle, the relationship did not work out. But it was for the best...

How I Started My Online Journey

Rewind 3 years... my entrepreneurial journey begins. I discovered internet marketing - the allure of making passive income online grabbed me hard and I started studying it intensely during my university years.

Not long after, I started getting website clients internationally, just through the power of free Facebook marketing. I built my first digital agency all thanks to word of mouth.

During my university, I took a course about film and video production and fell in love with the creativity of it all.

The first few years of online business was tough - it's never what they say about clicking a few buttons and then money rains from the skies. It takes dedication, learning, personal development, and most importantly desire.

Entrepreneurship in London

When I moved to London, I had nothing - no money, not much income, and knew nobody except my girlfriend at the time. 

I was forced to get a job, which for me felt like a bone-crushing defeat after working for myself for over a year. In fact, it was a blessing in disguise because I was able to leverage the knowledge I gained to build up my company a few years later.

I specialised in SEO - search engine optimisation - helping companies such as Harrods, Volvo, Virgin Active, Waterstones, Marie Claire, Leisure Pass Group and many other UK and international brands gain visibility in the search engines.

I became an expert with technical SEO while I worked for Pi Datametrics and quickly scaled up to become SEO Manager of an international translation agency.

During this time, I also was building up my own business, creating over 6 different video courses on Udemy and other video course platforms for passive income. I kept on servicing my website clients and continued to learn and apply more and more about digital marketing.

My YouTube and Video Marketing Specialisation Starts

It was soon after that I found my millionaire internet marketing mentor who I would study with for 12 months. He was the one who suggested I look into YouTube marketing.

It checked all the boxes of my passions and interests - videos, creativity, being able to share a message, internet marketing, passive income, and SEO. Wow! Why had I not discovered the potential of YouTube earlier?!

In any case, in a matter of only 5 months, I went from being stuck in a 9-5 job to quit work and travel in different countries, creating multiple passive income streams, and building a brand that has helped countless people change their lives.

During those 12 intense months, I interviewed over 9 YouTubers who have made up to and over $100,000 thanks to YouTube. I studied their secrets, applied their strategies and tactics, and was able to rank most of my YouTube videos on the first page of search results.

As a result, I was able to get tens of thousands of consistent views per month, hundreds of free clicks, and best of all - passive income (sales made through those videos) - all for free!

I published my book "How to Make $100,000 per Year Thanks To YouTube" and created a 9-hour comprehensive YouTube home study course. I started coaching clients and helping them get amazing results.

How I Can Help You

Through my deep knowledge of SEO, internet marketing, and YouTube, my expertise can help you not only get started on YouTube, but if you already have a channel that you need to grow, I can give your the guidance and information to both grow the number of views, increase subscribers, multiply your clicks and ultimately monetise your videos into a real business.

I also help small and medium businesses get visible online (both on ranking videos on Google, and on YouTube) and increase their revenue by leveraging video marketing.

If you're looking for ways to create multiple income streams then I can also help you create video courses and market them through YouTube as well.

I'm a master of systems, so if you feel lost in the technology and how to get started, then I can guide you through the maze to achieve the outcomes we set.

I offer video training on YouTube as well as 1-on-1 or group coaching to further help you master YouTube and videos.

What It's Like To Work With Me

I consider myself a man of values - I value transparency, delivering exceptional value, and guiding you in the best way for your highest benefits. When you work with me, you not only get access to all my knowledge and experience from over 15 years, but also have someone you can truly trust and learn from.

I treat all my clients with the utmost respect. Their happiness and success is my happiness and success. You can see genuine video testimonials from some of my clients where they share their experiences working with me.

Are You Ready To Transform Your Life and Your Business?

I hope through learning a bit more about myself, you can feel that I truly want the best for you and can help you achieve your goals. If you have specific questions, or want to speak face to face, then feel free to book a 1-on-1 complimentary 15 minute Skype or Zoom call with me and we can discuss how we can work together.

Feel free to explore this platform, check out my YouTube channels, and my Facebook pageContact me if you feel getting in touch. Speak soon!

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