7 Reasons Why You Need To Be On YouTube Today

You've searched for them, you've watched them, and you've subscribed to them. But why haven't you yet created your own videos?! Most likely, you don't know what you're missing out on, so I'll fill you in what the top 10 benefits are:

Get Free, Targeted Traffic

YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world, meaning that millions of people around the world are searching for things to watch. The question is, will your video be the one they watch or not? When you can master SEO (search engine optimisation) for YouTube, then you have the holy grail to get steady, reliable and high quality traffic to your videos, websites, products, or services - all for 100% free!

Instead of paying for ads on Facebook, Google, or other pay per click platforms, you can save thousands of dollars per year and have people come to you instead without paying a cent.

Once you understand how to get the traffic, the next step is monetisation...

Create Multiple Streams of Passive Income

Each video has the potential to be an individual passive income stream. Your video is available to the world 24/7 and help people solve a problem, add value, or even entertain. Now imagine if you could use that video to direct them to a product or service that is relevant to the content you're sharing. Now you have a passive income stream (provided it doesn't require your time!).

The important thing to understand is each video should give value, state the problem(s), point to a solution, provide benefits and then call the viewer to action (click on the link below in the description to learn more).

I've had single videos that create hundreds of dollars of income for me every month. Now if you want to create multiple streams, just duplicate the process. The potential is endless. Imagine 100 videos, each with a product to offer and generating an average of $50 per month. That's $5,000 in passive income every month. Sounds great right? It's not as difficult as you think!

Learn To Overcome Your Fear of Being Judged by Others

Most people's biggest fear (greater than death!) is public speaking. Speaking in front of a camera triggers very similar fears and emotions. One of the biggest worries people have is the fear of being judged by others. They are afraid that their video is not good enough, they don't look good, their voice is squeaky, or hundreds of other things that people *might* judge them on.

This stops them from every creating videos or let alone publishing them online for the world to see. Let's be straight up about it - WHO CARES! Who gives a damn what people think about you! The truth is people WILL judge you, they WILL have different opinions of you, and there will be people who won't like you for no good reason. The question is, will you let their opinions matter? Will you let them affect you? Seriously! Think about it right now. What if you just did it anyways?

Once you can let go of your fear of being judged by others, then you can truly be yourself on camera and share the most value. The only way to do that is to face the fear and do it anyways. So get started now! Grab your camera, start recording, and put it out there.

Make a Difference in People's Lives - While You Sleep!

Through each and every video you can add value to people's lives. You can change their perspective, boost their mood, influence their decision, and hundreds of other positive ways! And the best thing? You can do that all around the world, simultaneously with thousands of people, without requiring any of your time or presence!! It's like you have millions of holograms of yourself having 1-on-1 talks with each person watching your video. Pretty awesome, right?!

That's the power of video. You can have a profound influence in the world, from the comfort of your own room (or video studio). Imagine all the lives you will touch, and the ripple effect you'll have in all of those people's families and friend circles. It's mind blowing!

Deepen Your Creativity

When you start creating content, it can be difficult to come up with things to share. But like anything, the more you do it, the stronger your creativity "muscle" will get and the more amazing things you'll be able to come up with. With video, you can be very creative because there are so many variables and factors involved. You have the visual side, the audio side, the intellectual side, and the emotional side.

How do you want to present the information? What do you want to share? How do you want your viewers to feel? The options are endless. The more you create, the more creative you'll get. Simple, right? But most people don't realise it takes effort to push past the beginning resistance and learning process. That's how every great successful person got to where they are - through doing it day in and day out.

Keep Yourself Accountable

Another awesome benefit of YouTube videos is you can share your intentions & goals with a large group of people. After all, this is your community you're building. When you share something you'll do with someone you care about, you feel the "pressure" to follow through and do what you said you'll do, right? Now multiply that by hundreds, or even thousands of people. The accountability leverage goes through the roof.

What if you told your 10,000 YouTube subscribers that you'll go for a run 15 minutes a day for 30 days. Do you think you would do it? You bet! Unless you don't want any unhappy fans or show your true character, then you've gotta do it. Amazing right? That's the power of video.

Make Amazing Connections

I would say this is one of my favourite things about YouTube. Personally, I have made many friends around the world thanks to YouTube. It's amazing how when you share more of yourself, you attract similar types of people in your life. You're attracting your "Tribe" and with today's ease of travel, it's simple to meet in person as well.

I remember meeting Troy Adashun, a fellow YouTuber who flew to London from Florida. We had lunch, did some filming and had a great time - all thanks to YouTube!

So now you have 7 solid reasons to get started. No excuses, OK? You're missing out on so many opportunities. Every day I don't create a video, I know I'm missing out and that motivates me to get back on it!

Make sure to check out my book on How To Make $100,000 per Year Thanks to YouTube to help get you started.